Who am I?

I’m Neal O’Grady, an Irish-Canadian freelance web developer, copywriter, blogger, world traveler, language enthusiast (working on number seven), and minimalist.

I studied mechanical engineering, but didn't like it so I taught myself web development. I also used to be almost 300 pounds and had extreme social anxiety. Those are all long gone now.

I’m also extremely approachable. Feel free to contact me at anytime, either for electronic or face-to-face conversations.


What am I up to now?

I've been traveling Asia and Europe since October 2014 and have been contract-free, part-time, and full-time during that period.

I’m taking both web development and copywriting based contracts on either a short-term or long-term basis. In conjunction I'll be practicing languages and random new skills.

What do I write about?

So far, I've written a lot about web design and development for net Magazine, the Webflow blog, David Walsh, Creative Market, and Creative Bloq. I've also written a few health-related articles for Gyroscope, and created a few Wikipedia articles.

Otherwise, I write for my personal blog and travel page. Topics range from web design and development, health, travel stories, language learning tips, general advice, and personal philosophies.

What can I do for you?

I’m both a developer and a writer for hire. If you need a website or app built, or content written for a site or a Wikipedia article, contact me using the methods below and let's get started.

I'm also always looking to meet cool and interesting people, so even if you don't need my skill set, I'd still love to hear from you.


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